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It’s a pleasure to invite you to (re)discover the authentic charm of a country located equally close to the East as to the West, a nation that evolved gradually, while remaining true to its core. Whether you come from Romania or from afar, this ever-surprising country has in store for you an unforgettable holiday in places with a unique spirituality, where a touch of perennial history follows you at every step. As contemporary elements mingle with proofs of the past, this is the place where you can discover everything except boredom.

Romania offers an array of medieval castles, authentic households, guest houses with a series of leisure activities for your entertainment – horseback riding, hay wagon rides, bicycle riding, spa programs – tourists routes, dreamy landscapes that compete with sightseeing in Tuscany or Provence.

You will also love the Romanian people – with an irresistible sense of humor and cheerfulness, Romanians know how to enjoy good wines and delightful meals that they generously share with their guests.

A tour of Romania is a fascinating experience! It is a country full of contrasts: while some cities would not seem out of place in Western Europe, villages in rural areas seem to be brought back from two hun- dred years ago. The region of Transylvania is famous for its medieval castles where you can search for the spirit of Dracula while the capital, Bucharest will surprise you with many museums and the second-largest building in the world, the People’s Palace.

Transylvania & Maramures

Is home to some of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns, most notably Brasov, featuring Old Saxon architecture and citadel ruins; Sibiu with its cobblestone streets and pastel-colored houses, and Sighisoara, adorned with a hilltop citadel, secret passageways and a 14th century clock tower. Maramures Is considered by many to be the heart and soul of rural Romania. With its picturesque countryside of small villages, rolling hills, pastures, and meadows full of wildflowers, Maramures epitomiz- es all that the rural lifestyle encompasses. Visitors to Maramures have a unique opportunity to step back in time and bear witness to simpler times and simpler lives.
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Moldova& Bucovina

Rivals Transylvania when it comes to rich folklore, natural beauty and astonishing history. Over the past 500 years, history, cul- ture and religious life have molded Iasi, the cultural capital of Moldova. Nestled in the rolling hills of northern Moldova is the region of Bucovina, home to one of the world’s greatest art treasures: the UNESCO World heritage sites of the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina. Built in the 15th and 16th centuries and featuring colorful exterior frescoes depicting dramatic religious scenes, these richly decorated houses of worships are unique in the world. Medieval towns, fortified churches, painted monasteries, wooden masterpieces and ancient Dacian ruins are just some of the attractions that make up Romania’s exceptional cultural heritage.
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A Royal Holiday in Romania

Is a very special holiday experience. To spend several days in one of the Prince Charles properties in Transylvania is something unique. For him the region represented a dream come true: a living example of the possibility of a more harmonious relationship between man and nature; a community that, rather than destroying its traditions in the race to modernity, seemed to have preserved and adapted them. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a forgotten world that you probably believe has ceased to exist in today’s Europe. In a word – „Experience the luxury of simplicity!”
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Wine tourism

Is not yet very well developed in Romania, but the fact that some of the country’s most beautiful wine cellars and vineyards are not yet known to large group of tourists can make a trip there even more worthwhile.
Wine Route of Romania is My Passport’s trademark.
We designed this tour to give tourists the possibility to visit some of the most renowned vineyards and wineries in the whole country: Muntenia – Lacerta, Rotenberg, Dobrogea-Murfatlar, Sarica Niculitel, Tohani, Hallewood, Moldova – Panciu, Cotnari, Transilvania – Jidvei, Banat – Recas, Oltenia – Corcova, Oprisor, Prince Stirbey. And this is a good opportunity to have a visit of vineyards and the presentation of viticulture technology, a visit in wineries completed with the presentation of technology, a visit at the cellars – a presentation of the wine ennobling process in barriques, the conservation of bottled wines in the vinoteque and the presentation of the bottled wine exhibition, wine tastings and traditional menus.
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Gourmet Truffle Experience in Transylania

Another interesting journey you can have in Romania is a Gourmet Truffle Experience in Transylania, area becoming more and more renowned for its huge amounts and excellent quality of black truffles. For several days you’ll taste a mix of a sightseeing tour, nature activi- ties and gourmet experience. Hunting truffles it’s not like a wine tour where you sit comfortably tast- ing and assessing what’s given to you. You get your shoes dirty as you follow a dog and his master as they weave their way through the woods at an early hour in the morning. But the trophy? The exhilarating experience of finding the truffles, prepare them and finally enjoy them with a glass of a very good wine.
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Romania as home of the most famous anti-age treatment.

Romania has a long history, a really tradition in Gerontology and Geriatrics – the most powerful and famous antiage proved scientific treatment , the Romanian GeroVital H3 ® discovered by Dr./Prof.Ana Aslan, was launched on the market more than 60 years ago. At present, there are a few locations using this kind of treatment in Romania. Our offer refers to Ana Aslan Health Spa center, a revitalization haven for the body, mind and spirit, where you can enjoy: Anti-aging treatments, Detoxification treatments, Wellbeing for Men, Hydrotherapies, Facial treatments, Slim&Fit programmes.
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