Romania – home of the most famous
anti – age treatment

Romania has a long history, a really tradition in Gerontology and Geriatrics – the most powerful and famous anti age proved scientific treatment , the Romanian GeroVital H3 ® discovered by Dr./Prof. Ana Aslan, was launched on the market more than 60 years ago.
Patients treated with GH3 showed improvements in circulatory function, skin elasticity, ulcers, Parkin- sonism, arthritis, hair loss, senility, memory, muscular power, lung capacity and depression. According to the reports, practically all ageing phenomena diminished in severity with GH3

At present, there are a few locations using this kind of treatment in Romania.
We recommend Ana Aslan Health Spa Center, a revitalization haven for the body, mind and spirit. The rejuvenation and body toning procedures are combined with the stress relieving therapies and the ancient relaxation rituals, this center being one of the best Spa’s on the Black Sea shore, also renowned for treatment and rehabilitation.

The traditional spa therapies using seawater and mud from the Techirghiol Lake are complement- ed by innovative laser, ultrasound and ionization procedures.

Ana Aslan Health Spa welcomes you with an exceptional team of experts in physio and kinetic-therapy, massage, beauty treatments and rehabilitation therapies:

Anti-aging treatments
Discover the elixir of youth! Bathe your body in crystal clear springs of beauty, suppleness, and rejuvenation. Let the energizing roar of waterfalls conquer you with their overflowing alchemy of seaweed active ingredients, red grape extracts, and organic luxury products that carry pow- erful antioxidant and toning effects.

Detoxification treatments
Eliminating body toxins and improving blood circulation have a strong revitalizing and energizing effect, melting away the stress and fatigue.
Wellbeing for Men – An energizing program designed specially for men that increases physical strength, resilience and vitality.

Facial treatments
The purification, hydration and meticulous maintenance of the complexion pam- pered with restorative organic products, seduce the skin towards a refreshed glow, conquered and perfected by radiant suppleness.

Relaxation, detoxification, hydration and body toning through a combination of the benefits of water and the healing power of seaweed and organic mud.

Slim & Fit
The extra weight can be lost and the body toned with just a few days of fitness, swimming, professional massages, hydrotherapy and treatments using chocolate, caffeine, mud and seaweed.

Reduces muscle pain and circulation issues through modern and uninvasive tech- niques such as laser treatment.

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