Wine Route of Romania

6 days / 5 nights

Bucharest – Azuga

Arrive in Bucharest. Embark on a chauffeur-driven tour to Prahova Valley. In the afternoon arrive at Rhein Azuga Cellar, built in 1892, and considered the oldest at which sparkling wine is produced, using the traditional method. You can see the art of producing sparkling wine in the cellars situated above the ground, with double walls, black mould and natural ventilation.
Overnight in Azuga.

Day 1
151 km

Azuga – Dealu Mare

After the breakfast, leave Azuga to Dealu Mare region. Spend the whole day visiting Dealu Mare vine- yards, famous for their position along the 45 parallel, at the same level with Bordeaux, the Saint- Emil- lon, as well as the Tuscan Vineyards. Wines made in this region are prestigious for their rich, complex and silken taste.
Start the tour with Lacerta winery, a beautiful place with a new, modern cellar and wine assortments, winners of numerous gold medals at specialty contests.
The next stop will be at Tohani Wine Cellar, a vineyard with a long history, dating from 1773. Due to the very good quality, tradition and international awarded, Tohani is today Supplier of the Royal House of Romania, label that confirms the entry of this winery into the elite wines producers.
Continue the visit at Rotenberg Cellars, a 25 hectare vineyard planted with merlot wines, equipped with a gravitational winery with two cellars. Besides the typical winery tour and wine tasting you can have a vineyard tour by horse pulled chariot (on riders own risk).
In the afternoon arrive at Urlateanu Manor, a charming villa on the top of the hill in Urlati with wine storage capacity in oak barrels. The beautiful landscape and the fresh rural air invite you to relax and to enjoy the small things in life like a nice glass of wine. You will find here a pleasant and distracting facility where the fascination of wine and its culture is presented.

Day 2
217 Km

Dealu Mare – Murfatlar – Macin

This say’s tour takes you into Dobrogea, another renowned area of Romania. The first stop it will be at Murfatlar winery, a place with a blessed position between Danube river and the Black Sea. During your stop here you ‘ll have a wine tasting consisting in 5 to 8 types of wines, a visit into the cellar – a pitoresque place where you can listen traditional live music, and at The vineyard and wine Museum.
The second stop it will be in the Macin village, at Sarica Niculitel winery, the oldest in Dobrogea.
The vineyards form a line somewhat parallel with the Danube.
The volcanic rock, the limestone and the loess, together with the mist that lays on the old branch of the Danube, give birth to terroir, the local wine with a very specific personality.
From all the white wines, Alligote – a French wine, originally – has became a trademark for Sarica Niculitel vineyard.

Day 3
406 Km

Macin – Odobesti – Panciu - Cotnari – Piatra Neamt

Early in the morning you depart Macin for the famous Beciul Domnesc Cellar in Odobesti.
This unique construction, built during the Stephen the Great – the 15th monument, included in UNESCO world heritage. Here you can find a collection of over 100.000 bottles of collection wines, the oldest one dated from 1949.
The trip continues with Panciu vineyard, in the Northern part of Vrancea County, on the piedmont steps of the Curvature Sub-Carpathians. The pride of this winery is represented by sparkling wines. The high acidity specific to Panciu area favors the production of quality sparkling wines. Here it was obtained the first Romanian sparkling wine.
Continue with a visit at Cotnary winery, a space with a very long history and tradition. With a new cellar, a young gifted oenologist and a lot of new grapes plantations, this winery has all the premises to produce a very good quality wines. Overnight in Piatra Neamt.

Day 4
522 Km

Piatra Neamt – Jidvei – Recas

Today you leave Moldova to go to Transilvania, at Jidvei winery.
The Jidvei vineyard is located in the Tarnave rivers area, expanding over 2000 hectares. The complex, just several kilometers from Alba Iulia, includes a castle in a nearby village, Cetatea de Balta. The castle, recently renovated, has a wine cellar for tasting and dinners.
After several hours spent in Transilvania you’ll pass in Banat, another beautiful area of Romania, to visit Recas, a winery full of history, tradition, culture, savor and aromas. All these can be discovered and lived in a programme which includes a visit of the vineyards, situated on the sunny hills, and tasting sessions offered in the depth of the 50 year old cellars.
White, red and rosé wines of high quality awarded with diplomas and medals at national and international contests can be tasted and served in a special ambiance, together with family, friends or business partners.
The visiting programme includes: a visit of the vineyard and the presentation of viticulture technology, a visit in the winery completed with the presentation of technology, a visit at the cellars – a presentation of the wine ennobling process in barriques, the conservation of bottled wines in the vinoteque and the presentation of the bottled wine exhibition, wine tasting and a traditional menu.
Overnight in Timisoara.

Day 5
488 Km

Timisoara –Corcova – Oprisor – Stirbey – Segarcea

Embark on your private driver tour to Corcova.
Located in the South-West of the country, in Mehedinti County, Corcova is considered a new vineyard for the today consumers, although it continues the tradition of producing quality wine, a practice that begun in this area hundreds of years ago.
Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu wines are special and have that “gout du terroir”, because all the neces- sary elements meet in the same place: a temperate-continental climate with Mediterranean influence – warm and dry summers, gentle winters, with increased rain fall; soils with a diverse lithological struc- ture and rich in minerals, specific to the Motru Piedmont, that is part of the largest piedmont area in the country, the Getic Piedmont.
Starting with 2005, 55 hectares of land have been replanted with vines from Pepiniers Hebinger in France and strains dating back from the time of Bibescu’s estate. Furthermore, the wine cellars built by Prince Antoine Bibescu were completely refurbished throughout 2008-2009, observing the initial archi- tecture and equipped with wine production machines manufactured by the most prestigious specialized companies in France and Italy.
The next stop on your route is at another well-known winery in Oltenia – Oprisor. It is situated 15 km away from Danube river, in the village with the same name and has several kind of well-known type of grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Shiraz.
Regarding the quality of the products we have to mention that it was established by Reh Kendermann – GmbH, one of the most modern cellar in Germany, number one exporter of german wines and the greatest importer of wines in Germany.
The route goes then to Prince Stirbey vineyards in Dragasani, own by the family with the same name for more than 300 years.
The wine cellar, in its actual size, was designed by Prince Barbu Alexandru Stirbey at the beginning
of the 20th century for processing the grapes harvest from 20 hectares area, the equivalent of approximately 70.000-80.000 liters wines per year.
Today, the annual wine production is about the same, but the facility has been renewed to match the modern standards of winemaking.
Here you are invited to have a guided tour to the vineyards and cellar, to try the wines together with traditional cuisine, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.
After the lunch take the road to Domeniul Coroanei, Segarcea vineyard, which spreads over a blessed terroir with mild sun and harsh soil, like a precious mixture of basic nature and high-altitude human character.
Segarcea — “the land of dream” as its Latin roots predict — is one of the twelve domains that the Royal House of Romania took under administration during Carol I, King of Romania, in 1884, by Parliament decision. Ever since, the wines from Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea have accompanied the country’s kings and statesmen to diplomatic receptions and witnessed history making, like a faithful servant. Ovenight in Craiova.

Day 6
456 Km

Segarcea – Bucharest

Enjoy a good breakfast this morning for it’s the last day of your Wine Route of Romania. Transfer by your private car to Bucharest and late in the afternoon to the H. Coanda International Airport for your onward flight home.

Day 7
256 Km

Tour available as group tour (min 6 persons)

 At request it can be organized as a private tour, but not in all specified locations (subject to verify at the time of booking)


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  • Craiova:HotelRoyal 4*

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