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An East African Honeymoon

The Tanzanian Experience is a 12-day luxury safari and island honeymoon bringing you the best of East Africa.
Tanzania’s people, culture, wildlife and beauty make it one of the most amazing honeymoon destinations in Africa. The safari lodges and hotels in this itinerary each offer something different, romantic and unique to each landscape. The service and food at each property are of the highest quality and combined with location it’s a winning combination for an all round successful safari experience.  Ending with a few days on a beach on Zanzibar Island is the perfect chill out at the end of an awesome wildlife experience.
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12 days / 11 nights – Arusha • Lake Manyara •  Ngorongoro Crater National Park • Serengeti National Park •  Zanzibar

Arusha – The city of Arusha is surrounded by some of Africa’s most famous landscapes and national parks.  The city is close to Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Olduvai Gorge, Tarangire National Park, and Mount Kilimanjaro and The Arusha National Park on Mount Meru.
Lake Manyara – Somewhere in the middle of the rolling grasslands of Tanzania, against the dramatic angles of the Rift Valley Escarpment and the overlooking Lake Manyara stands The Lake Manyara Wildlife Camp.
Ngorongoro Crater National Park – Ngorongoro Crater, a large volcanic caldera within the area, is recognized by one private organization as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa.
Serengeti National Park – Tanzania’s oldest and most popular national park, also a world heritage site and recently proclaimed a 7th world wide wonder, the Serengeti is famed for its annual migration, when some six million hooves pound the open plains, as more than 200,000 zebra and 300,000 Thomson’s gazelle join the wildebeest’s trek for fresh grazing.
Zanzibar – Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago off the coast of Tanzania consisting of Zanzibar Island (locally, Unguja), Pemba Island and many smaller islands.

Day 1 – 2: Arusha
Fly in to Kilimanjaro International Airport, the gateway to the northern safari circuit of Tanzania, and transfer to your lodge to relax and get into the safari mood.

Day 2 – 4: Lake Manyara National Park
A short flight takes you to Lake Manyara National Park where a large soda lake attracts thousands of birds and the forested shores are home to a diversity of animals including tree-climbing lions, elephants and yet more birds.
Spend two nights in the wonderful Lake Manyara lodge enjoying nature walks, game drives and plenty of good food and wine in the middle of the Tanzanian wilderness.
Meals: full board including local drinks

Day 4 – 6: Ngorongoro Crater National Park
From Lake Manyara it’s a scenic drive to the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater – the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera and UNESCO World Heritage site – festooned with wildlife living in a Utopian paradise. And it’s not just animals that favour the crater: along the way, stop at the Olduvai Gorge (also called Oldupai Gorge) outside the crater and visit the museum showcasing the oldest known fossil records of the human species who no doubt appreciated the permanent source of food and water in the crater.
Explore the crater on a guided game drive safari and retreat to the comfort of your lodge.
Meals: full board including local drinks

Day 6 – 9: Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp, Serengeti National Park
Fly from Ngorongoro to the Serengeti Plains. You have, quite possibly, the greatest wildlife show on Earth as a two-million-strong sea of wildebeest and zebra cross the great plains towards fresh grazing.
Even out of migration season, the Serengeti is one of Africa’s best game reserves and all-round safari destination. Enjoy three days on safari in the Serengeti in a private concession far from the busy tourist routes of the public park.
Meals: full board including local drinks.

Day 9 – 12: Zanzibar Islands
Fly from Grumeti after a leisurely breakfast to the island of Zanzibar and transfer by road to the east of the island.
Choose a hotel on a secluded, white-sanded, coconut-palm-fringed, azure-watered beach. Spend three days relaxing in the shade or snorkelling, diving, fishing, exploring the island and gorging on fresh seafood.
Meals: full board including local drinks

Day 12: Departure
From Zanzibar you can fly to Europe and onwards or you can fly back to Dar es Salaam to catch your connecting flight home after what must surely be the best East African safari and beach holiday you could ever imagine.
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Tailor-made Itinerary
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