Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao Cruise

13 days /12 nights ∙ Royal Clipper Ship

Join Royal Clipper as she explores lush, exotically beautiful places like Grenadines Islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Thirty islands and specks of sand make up the gloriously untouched Grenadines. We’ll call on one of these Islands, for a blissful, laid-back beach day. We’re sure, you’ll never be disappointed about the aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla baking in the sun – these are the tropical flavors of Grenada.


Aruba – Curacao – Bonaire
Ship – Royal Clipper
Number of nights: 12 nights
Embark – Disembark: Barbados – Barbados

Day 1 – Bridgetown, Barbados
Day 2 – At Sea
Day 3 – Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Day 4 – Blanquilla, Venezuela
Day 5 – Willemstad, Curacao
Day 6 – Oranjestad, Aruba
Day 7 – Kralendijk, Bonaire
Day 8 – At Sea
Day 9 – Isla De Coche, Venezuela
Day 10 – Testigo Grande (Arch Los Testigos), Venezuela
Day 11 – St.George’s, Grenada
Day 12 – Captain’s Best, Grenadines
Day 13 – Tobago Cays, Grenadines

Day 1 – Bridgetown, Barbados
On the wild and rugged east coast of Barbados, the isolated beaches are the colour of sunrise, the red sands having blown all the way across the Atlantic from the Sahara. The easternmost island of the Windwards, and indeed, of the entire Caribbean, reaches out to Africa and the Old World, as if not quite part of the New. Bridgetown, Barbados, is an interesting town full of contrasts. George Washington actually slept here! Trafalgar Square reminds you that the laidback, rum- and fun-loving island’s British influenced heritage includes revered traditions like cricket and high tea.


Day 2 – At Sea


Day 3 – Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Only 25 miles north of Venezuela coast, Isla Margarita is the favorite getaway for Cariocans. Margarita means pearl in Greek, and the island was once the center for harvesting egg size pearls. Porlamar, though founded in 1536, is a modern shopping mecca because of its duty free status. World class windsurfers gather on the Playa El Yaque beach, but those in search of quieter pleasures can explore the mangrove lined Lagoon La Restinga to see flamingos and 100 other resident bird species.


Day 4 – Blanquilla, Venezuela
La Blanquilla’s tranquil and inviting white beaches give no hint of the amazing diving that lies only 65 yards offshore. A limestone cliff wall plunges more than 3,000 feet into the depths. Along the outcropping pinnacles of Piedra del Ahogado, divers can spot rare black corals growing in profusion.


Day 5 – Willemstad, Curacao
The gabled houses and warehouses of Dutch colonial Willemstad march in tight formation along the entrance to St. Anna Bay, an incongruous vision of a tropical Amsterdam where the floating market sells mangos and papayas instead of tulips. In Curacao’s interior cunucu, a few Dutch landhuis or farm owners still wrest a living by ranching on the near-desert soil.


Day 6 – Oranjestad, Aruba
Bon boni means welcome in the local dialect, Papiamento, and it’s universally understood by all who visit little Aruba. Just 15 miles from Venezuela, this almost independent nation still has a ceremonial Dutch Governor General. Once it depended on oil for income, but tourism is the new king. No wonder Aruba’s endless beaches and spectacular diving are too tempting to pass up.


Day 7 – Kralendijk, Bonaire
Pink flamingoes, divi-divi trees, Papiamento and the best diving in the Caribbean – You can only be in Bonaire. The blinding white salt flats of Bonaire were once marked by tall obelisks of red, white, blue and orange (the colours of the old Dutch flag) to guide mariners. Today they are marked by clouds of pink – enormous flocks (500 or more!) of fluttering flamingoes feasting on the orange brine shrimp that gives the flamingoes their unmistakable colour.


Day 8 – At Sea


Day 9 – Isla De Coche, Venezuela


Day 10 – Testigo Grande (Arch Los Testigos), Venezuela
The Los Testigos islands are the most remote of the Venezuelan islands called “The Witnesses”. These islands are inhabited by a handful of interconnected fishing families who jealously protect the resources of these islands. You can hire the locals as guides by bringing them gifts. The Islands are all different with huge sand dunes, gorgeous beaches, lots of fish and lobsters.


Day 11 – St.George’s, Grenada
The aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla baking in the sun – these are the tropical flavours of Grenada. From the horseshoe shaped Carenage at St. George’s, follow the Sendall Tunnel (hand-built in 1895) to the Esplanade and old Ft. George for a spectacular view of Grenada.


Day 12 – Captain’s Best, Grenadines
Thirty islands and specks of sand make up the gloriously untouched Grenadines. We’ll call on one of these Islands, for a blissful, laid-back beach day. We’re sure, you’ll never be disappointed.


Day 13 – Tobago Cays, Grenadines
Four small islets, virtually deserted but enormously appealing for those who love underwater exploration, Tobago Cays is a national park where snorkelling is superb.


Royal Clipper Ship
Inspired by the tall ship Preussen, the Royal Clipper has the proud distinction of being the largest and only five-masted full-rigged sailing ship built since her predecessor was launched at the beginning of the last century. With her complement of 42 sails, Royal Clipper is a splendid sight to behold.


Sailing dates:
March 2015: 28 march 2015.