Asterix Park Paris

Parc Asterix is the second world class theme park of Paris after world famous Disneyland Paris. Its main advantage is less queing at the attractions.
Parc Asterix is a lot of fun to young children and families. There is no other Parc Asterix anywhere.


Asterix Park Paris – Situated approximately 35 km (22 min) north of Paris, 32 km (20 min) from Disneyland Resort Paris and 20 km (12 min) from the historic Château de Chantilly, in Plailly in the departement of Oise, it opened in 1989.

Getting to the park:
By car – 30km north of Paris on the A1 motorway in the direction of Lille, take the direct exit to Parc Astérix, between exits 7 and 8.

By train & Shuttle Bus (From Charles de Gaulle IRPORT) – The adventure begins as soon as you arrive at Paris-CDG airport. Take RER B3 from Paris Gare du Nord, platform 43 and get off at “Aéroport Charles De Gaulle Terminal 1, Terminal 3”. Go to the “Parcs de Loisirs” counter where our staff will guide you to the Parc Astérix shuttle buses, leaving every 30 minutes from 9am until 1 hour after park closure!
€7.50 / adult (12 years and over) €6.00 / child (from 3 to 11 years), Free for under threes

By Shutle Bus ( fromParis) – Access: to get to the car park from the Louvre (underground station: Palais-Royal, lines 1 and 7), exit via the “Carrousel” entrance (on rue de Rivoli) or via the “Pyramide” entrance (in the middle of the Cour Napoléon). By the shops, take the escalator located in the Hall Charles V to access the coach park, floor -3.
Return: the shuttle bus leaves Parc Astérix at 6.30pm from the coach park at the entrance to the park (follow the signs to “Parc Astérix shuttle”).
Return ticket: €21 fixed price (adult/child) Free for under threes.

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