Athens to Venice 9

Athens to Venice

Board your private yacht and go in search of the lost city of Atlantis, of jet-setters’ secret hideaways, of hidden “Blue Caves” where the azure light dances like quicksilver all around you. Explore islands fragrant with lavender, and taste fresh Cretan honey. Discover wonders only a small ship can take you to as you enter the narrow confines of the Corinth Canal, and go ashore in Hydra, a town where you leave automobiles and the modern world behind. 


Athens – Venice
Ship: Star Pride
Number of nights: 9 nights
Embark – Disembark: Athens – Venice

Day 1 – Athens/Piraeus, Greece
Day 2 – Hydra, Greece
Day 3 – Cruising the Corinth Canal / Ithea/Delphi, Greece
Day 4 – Zakynthos, Greece
Day 5 – Butrint Nationl Park, Albania
Day 6 – Kotor, Montenegro
Day 7 – Dubrovnik, Croatia
Day 8 – Hvar, Croatia
Day 9 – Venice, Italy
Day 10 – Venice, Italy

Day 1 – Athens, Greece
What can you say about one of the oldest cities in the world? Athens covers a dozen hills like warm honey, framed by mountains and the blue Aegean. It was front and center in laying the foundations of western civilization, and is home to some of the most famous ruins and museums in Europe.

Day 2 – Hydra, Greece
Enter the perfect horseshoe-shaped harbor and moor next to a colorful mix of fishing boats and yachts, then go ashore to discover an anachronistic town where cars have been replaced by fleets of patient, flower-adorned donkeys and gracious 18th- and 19th-century stone mansions climb the steep hillsides. “Charming” doesn’t begin to do this town justice, and the entire island has been declared a national treasure.

Day 3 – Cruising the Corinth Canal / Ithea/Delphi, Greece
A wonderful benefit of yacht-style cruising is that we can transit the narrow Corinth Canal with other private yachts and Greek mail steamers. It’s a shortcut reserved for petite ships like ours, and as we cruise between the narrow limestone walls we are the envy of all the ancient Romans who once portaged their ships along this very route before there was a canal.

Day 4 – Zakynthos, Greece
The Venetians called it the Flower of the East, but you can call it simply enchanting. This is Greece at its finest, with picture-perfect beaches, lush green hills covered in wildflowers, quaint mountain villages, and vineyards whose bounty you can taste at local tavernas. Take a small boat out to Smugglers’ Cove or one of the many “Blue Caves” where sky-blue water reflects off a white-pebble beach.

Day 5 – Butrint National Park, Albania
The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint has been ruled by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans, with the ruins of each culture perfectly preserved by the encroaching marshes. It’s one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in the Adriatic, and even more extraordinary for its rural setting on a picturesque lagoon.

Day 6 – Kotor, Montenegro
It’s almost too perfect to bear, the sight of your white Windstar yacht tracing its way across the royal blue Montenegrin waters. Then the pièce de résistance comes into view: the red roofs of medieval Kotor.

Day 7 – Dubrovnik, Croatia
Your first impression is the city walls. Massive and imposing, they cloak the town like a curtain of stone. Draw the curtain and you’re in a medieval world of towers, turrets, and terracotta rooftops. Take a cable car to the top of Mount Srd for an outstanding view of the harbor where one gorgeous yacht eclipses all others.

Day 8 – Hvar, Croatia
Ah, the Croatian Riviera, where palm trees meet pine, and pebble beaches washed by pristine waters are all the rage. This is where you’ll find Hvar, an island that actually lives up to all the hype bestowed upon it. Hvar is on a par with Cannes and Capri when it comes to glamor and nightlife, with the added plus of being ranked one of the 10 most beautiful islandsin the world.

Day 9- 10 – Venice
Venice floats like a mirage in a magical lagoon. It’s a city blissfully free of cars, where everything from arched bridges to gondoliers to blown glass oozes beauty and romance. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was once the center of a maritime empire, and that wealth is still evident. But while the buildings awe, it’s the space between them that defines the city.

Star Pride:
Our newest star – the graceful, suite-only Star Pride – will set sail in May 2014 as the first of Windstar’s three new power yachts.
Star Pride is large enough to pamper and entertain you, yet small enough to tuck into delightful tiny harbors and hidden coves that others can’t reach.

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