Barcelona to Rome

7 days / 6 nights - Wind Star Ship

The colorful kaleidoscopes of Rome and Barcelona invite you to celebrate their high-spirited energy, while the seductive scent of oranges and olives that perfumes the enchanting islands of Elba, Corsica, Sardinia, and Mallorca entice you to explore their secluded secrets. From the lively Sardinian rhythms of Alghero to the striking white pebble beaches of Portoferraio – let us delight your senses and ignite your imagination.


Barcelona – Rome
Ship: Wind Star
Number of nights: 6 nights
Embark – Disembark: Barcelona – Rome

Day 1 – Barcelona, Spain
Day 2 – Soller, Spain
Day 3 – At sea
Day 4 – Alghero, Sardinia
Day 5 – Porto Vechio, France
Day 6 – Portoferraio, Italy
Day 7 – Rome/Civitavecchia, Italy

Day 1 – Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona has always danced to a different drummer, as marching is far too proletariat for this artsy town.  Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Antoni Gaudí have shaped the city in their Modernisme image, especially in the Gothic Quarter where even the labyrinth of alleyways refuses to conform to grid-like regularity. Sit at a trattoria and listen to the musical sound of Catalan, which the natives choose to speak over Spanish.

Day 2 – Soller, Spain
While it’s part of Spain, Sóller has a distinctively French feel thanks to the days when sea trade with France was an easier route than travel over the mountain pass. Take the vintage tram ride through the mountains between Sóller and Palma. Travel to Valldemosa, where George Sand and Frederic Chopin stayed in 1838. Sample some gató d’Ametla, the best almond cakes in Majorca.

Day 3 – At Sea
This is your invitation to a day of indulgence. Treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience. Dine in sumptuous casual style, or wrap yourself in that comfy waffle-weave robe and enjoy your meal in the privacy of your beautiful stateroom. Your delight is our single priority for your day at sea.

Day 4 – Alghero, Sardinia
The old city of Alghero lies within thick fortress walls surrounded by water on three sides. Explore the nearby Nuraghe of Palmavera, a cone-shaped building made of mortarless rock that once served as a fortress—perhaps as early as 880 B.C. Travel to Neptune’s Grotto, home to nymphs and great beauty.

Day 5 – Porto Vecchio, France
The ancient Greeks referred to Corsica as Kalliste, “the Most Beautiful.”  Compare the white sand to the ocean of white linen at the marina, and your glass of rosé to the pink of the rocks supporting the five bastions of the Old Town.

Day 6 – Portoferraio, Italy
Arriving by sea, you can see the imposing Medici fortifications built in the 15th century to protect the town from the pirate attacks of Barbarossa and his ilk. Once in the horseshoe-shaped bay, the views out to sea are just as arresting, as the old Roman villas built facing the water can attest.

Day 7 – Rome/Civitavecchia, Italy
In this enchanting city the past and present intersect in perfect harmony. A good place to begin is the Vatican, with its Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Works by Bernini, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Raphael are just a few of those on display, any one of which is worth hours of contemplation. Then the ancient ruins—Colosseum, Forum, Circus Maximus. And of course the Trevi Fountain for the obligatory coins promising your return to the Eternal City.


Wind Star:
The Wind Star is a sleek, four-masted sailing yacht accommodating 148 guests. With four decks and a gross tonnage of 5,307, Wind Star feels like your own private yacht.
Wind Star amenities include: WindSpa, Watersports Platform, Casino, Lounge, Library, Pool, and Hot Tub.

April 2014: 20 April
April 2015: 19 April