Istanbul to Athens Cruise

8 days / 7 nights - Star Clipper Ship

Traverse the enchanting cerulean sea on board the elegant Star Clipper Cruise. Designed with a traditional nautical heritage in mind, the vessel enjoys teak-wood decks and cabins that are equipped with modern facilities, allowing a feeling of a private yacht experience as you sail into each of the hand-picked ports. 



Istanbul to Athens
Ship: Star Clipper
Number of nights: 7 nights
Embark – Disembark:  Istanbul – Athens

Day 1     Istanbul, Turkey
Day 2     Canakkale, Turkey ( Optional Tour to Troy)
Day 3     Myrina, Limnos – Greece
Day 4     Monasteries on Mountain Athos & Ouranopolis, Greece
Day 5     Skiatos, Greece
Day 6     Skopelos, Greece
Day 7     Poros, Greece
Day 8     Pireus (Port of Athens), Greece

Day 1 – Istanbul, Turkey
Throughout thousands of years Istanbul’s geographical position has maintained its importance. Today it is a huge metropolis connecting continents, cultures and religions and is home to eleven million people and one of the greatest business and cultural centres of the region.

Day 2 – Canakkale, Turkey
Facing squarely across the Dardanelles to confront the imposing mass of Kilitbahir Fortress, Canakkale reminds you that this area has been a place of conflict since the time of the Trojan War. Nearby Troy (Truva), uncovered by archeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1871, was of course the site of the most famous siege in history. Time has eroded most of the 3,500 year-old ruins, but you can imagine what Priam felt as he faced Achilles’ invading Greek army.

Day 3 – Myrina, Greece
It was Zeus who hurled Hephaestus from Mt. Olympus to land on Limnos,leaving the god of metalworking with a permanent limp. Perhaps he was nursed to health by excellent red and white wines (fortified or not)
grown on Limnos volcanic soils. The town of Myrina sits under the winding white ramparts of the Kastro, built in 1186. But even earlier ruins – one of most ancient sites in Greece – lie in nearby Poliohni.

Day 4 –  Monastiries of Mount Athos & Ouranopolis, Greece
The picturesque village of Ouranoupolis, “City of the Heavens,” lies at the threshold of the unique community of Mount Athos. Its imposing landmark, the fortified Byzantine tower that nests on the rocks at the seafront, is the largest monumental structure in Halkidiki. The beauty of Ouranoupolis is in its long sandy beaches, the lonesome coves and the deserted islets waiting to be discovered.

Day 5 – Skiatos, Greece
The most sophisticated of the Sporades, abounds with trendy shops where barely-clad visitors taking time off from the nearby beaches shop for expensive wisps of clothing and jewelry. Go a few blocks inland and you’ll find charming flower-decked houses and gardens overflowing with fruit trees.

Day 6 – Skopelos, Greece
A verdant island blessed with olive, almond and fruit trees. As you sail into the bay surrounding Skopelos town, it reminds you of a giant Greek amphitheatre. 120 churches nestle beneath the ruins of the Venetian castle, and two convents and a monastery cling to hills above the bay.

Day 7 – Poros, Greece
It’s barely a hop, skip and a jump from the Argolid Peninsula to the island of Poros, sometimes called Kaválria. Greece’s naval academy is here, and visitors can hear the cadets’ marching band every morning. The views
from the Temple of Poseidon are eternal, which may be why the doomed orator Demosthenes chose to end his life here. Take a water taxi to Galatas for excursions to the fragrant lemon groves of Lemonodhássos, or venture inland to ancient Troezen or Epidauros.

Day 8 – Pireus ( Port of Athens), Greece
Walking in the shadow of the Acropolis in the Agora, you can almost hear the voices of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle arguing about who was the greatest philosopher. Ancient Athens, the birthplace of democracy and epicenter of western civilization, is a city for
all eternity.

Star Clipper Ship:
Star Clipper is a modern cruise ship in every way, created for luxury-loving passengers who also love the traditions and romance of the legendary era of sailing ships. Star Clipper is 360 feet long and each carries just 170 guests in pampered comfort.

Sailing dates:
May 2014: 10 May 2014
June 2014: 21 June 2014
August 2014: 02 august 2014
September 2014: 06 september 2014